About WePAC

WePAC’s mission is to promote childhood literacy by engaging volunteers in Philadelphia public schools through re-opening and staffing libraries and academic mentoring. In our vision, every Philadelphia student will be empowered with the literacy skills vital to the success of the child and the prosperity of our community.

Did you know…


While each of Pennsylvania’s state prisons...

…is required by law to have a librarian with a Master’s degree and a large book collection, no such requirement exists for our schools.

Year after year, surveys show...

…that for many students the school library is the only library they visit – and principals report that many kids do not have anyone reading to them at home.

Our schoolchildren deserve more!

WePAC is the only nonprofit in Philadelphia systematically working to open closed school libraries. WePAC improves students’ access to libraries and literacy activities through:

  • Reopening, staffing, and operating volunteer-run libraries in Philadelphia public elementary schools
  • Bringing thousands of books children want to read into the schools, and circulating them for reading enjoyment
  • Reading good literature out loud to students and helping them select library books to check out
  • Partnering Library Buddies with individual students who need some extra one-on-one literacy support

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